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What So Not and RL Grime’s “Tell Me” Sequel Adds Skrillex as a Collaborator

“Tell Me’ is by far one of the most influential tracks produced during the massive surge in trap music’s popularity. The men behind the music, RL Grime and What So Not, have captivated audiences with their 808 inspired festival bangers and and relentless DJ performances at major shows around the world. Their first collaboration left many speechless but just wait until you hear what they have up their sleeve next.  

The track that What So Not plays in the above video is the sequel to “Tell Me”. However, a new influence has been added to the track. This influence goes by the name of Skrillex. With Skrillex among joining the team, there is a new twist in the style of the track that distinctly separates it from the original. Keep an eye out for this monster collaboration and maybe see if you can catch it at What So Not’s next show!

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Source: YourEDM

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