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Whereisalex Releases Stunning EP

whereisalex shocked listeners everywhere when he released his debut EP, ‘separate.’ This seamlessly emotional collection of tracks grabs you by the heart strings like no other, from beginning to end, whereisalex takes us on a roller-coaster of euphoria looping under and over styles for every EDM lover. From experimental bass to future trap, the melodies alone are enough to instantly hook you.

It is undemiably apparent that every inch of every song was sculpted by an innovative mind, one with a natural-born talent to produce beautiful music. Appreciating the magic of a purely designed instrumental piece, the daring nature that is hidden beneath the harmonious synths separates this artists’ work from anything else. It’s not hard to tell that whereisalex is about to bring a unique twist on experimental EDM.

With a growing fanbase, this EP is without a doubt the perfect kick-off to whereisalex’s successful career. WOWing listeners left and right, this EP showcases the mysterious beauty that can be found underneath the chaos. Although this EP was his grand debut, whereisalex has released a heap of praise-worthy tracks. Completely transforming the works of Drake, Flume, and others, he has a brilliant ability of twisting a tune into an entirely new groove. The diversity and imagination mixed with effortless soul is applaudable, and not a single minute of his work is anywhere near average.

Listen to the EP now, available on Spotify!

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