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Alison Wonderland Paving the Way for Female Trap Producers

There are so many sub-genres of EDM that it can be hard to determine one from the other sometimes. Trap music however, with the unmistakable bass and attitude, has a tendency to stand out on its own.  Trap style music started to appear in the early 2000s, when southern hip-hop began incorporating sub-bass drums and synthesizers. Artist also started playing with the speed of their tracks giving them songs a whole new sound. It wasn’t until about 2010 though, that trap started to become a recognized part of the EDM industry with the help of tracks like “Total Recall” and Diplo’s Mad Decent label. The genre continues to grow in popularity today. Huge names like RL Grime, Flosstradamus, and Baauer flood the charts with bangers. There’s an abundance of  talent out there, almost of all which comes from males or male duos, but that’s about to change as Australian native, Alison Wonderland, takes the trap world by storm.

Alison Wonderland – Run

The number of female DJs are on the rise but the sub genre of trap still remains uncharted territory for most. Perhaps the hard beats and sometimes aggressive energy can be intimidating, not just to female artist but emerging artist as well, but Alison Wonderland, 27, maintains a no fear attitude. She can write, sing, and produce, making her a certified triple threat. She’s somewhat new to the North America crowd, but has already established a committed fan-base in Australia. She begin her music career there, where her first headlining tour “Wonderland Warehouse Project” sold out even though she had only released two singles prior. AW released her debut EP Run, which hit number one on the Billboard dance charts, in Spring of 2015. Since then her career has flourished  in an inspiring way. She’s toured the globe, hitting main stages and selling out shows. Her EDC 2016 performance stands out as a particularly moving and powerful set. Her mixing skills, track selection, and stage presence are good enough to stand amongst the trap powerhouses.

Alison Wonderland – EDC Las Vegas 2016 – Full Set (Official Video)

She’s expressed her dislike for the term”female DJ” in previous interviews and has noted that she’s not always taken seriously due to her appearance (which is part of the reason she sticks to oversized shirts during her performances). “I’m quite competitive with men”, she said, “and I remember when I started, I would get judged. So I’d go home and I’d practise every week, and I’d come back with a new trick. And that’s how I got better. It just motivated me to keep going.” Despite her hesitance to be labeled, it’s hard to ignore the way AW and her music present a contradiction to the gender-stereotypes surrounding DJs. When asked how she’d feel if she became a role model for young girls she responded, “I hope so, I really do. If that’s what I became, I’d be happy.” That’s the direction she’s currently heading. Her hard work and dedication go unmatched; she’s breaking down barriers and paving the way for a future generation of female trap artists.

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Sources: Sydney Morning Herald

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