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Artist Spotlight: Claude VonStroke — Dirtybird’s Commander in Chief

Barclay Crenshaw, better known by the alias Claude Von Stroke, is an unstoppable force as of late. Although his sound has reached the masses at events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Coachella, Claude Von Stroke is committed to the underground vibe that gave his business the thriving status that is has today. CVS created the Dirtybird label in 2005, a year later releasing the house track “Who’s Afraid Of Detroit?”, gaining the Detroit native who has now relocated to California, some well-deserved attention.

Over the years Claude Von Stroke has rounded up quite the team, making sure his Dirtybird label is full of nothing but the funkiest and most original players. With heavy-hitters like Green Velvet, Kill Frenzy, Shiba San, and Justin Jay fronting the line-up, you know anything coming from Dirtybird is bound to be a hit. Claude Von Stroke leads his dirtybird crew around the country performing at what they like to call BBQ’s. He even hosts a weekend long campout, The Dirtybird Campout, complete with kickball, boat races, arts & crafts and so much more! It’s a chance for fans to interact with each other and some of their favorite DJs, something that sets Dirtybird events apart from others.

While keeping a jam-packed touring schedule and gearing up for his second annual Dirtybird Campout, he was recently voted America’s Best DJ for 2016! This is a huge achievement for producers like CVS who tend to stay away from trends and the mainstream. In a recent interview he also talked about his plans to put out an album under his real name, which should hit around January of 2017. He expressed wanting to get back to some of his hip-hop roots. It’s been a busy year for Claude Von Stroke, indeed.

The head dirtybird himself heads to Monarch Theatre in Phoenix on November 5th. Get tickets here!

Connect with Claude VonStroke: Website |Facebook | Soundcloud

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