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B-Side Weekly: NPC – “Bojack Horseman Theme (Cover)”

What to say about Bojack Horseman? Now that’s a polar show that sets people apart; Some of us love it because of Will Arnett’s ability as an actor to accurately portray mental illness, while some don’t understand the eccentricities enough on  deeper level. Bojack’s Theme Song has somewhat become synonymous with the program even though it is only featured in the intro by being instrumentally bawdy, and containing incredibly jazzy chaos.

Out of the depths of the interwebz emerges another DJ who maybe understands the Bojack Theme like the rest of us do: although Patrick and Ralph Carney made a track that was indeed cinematic, it’s odd baritone sax element as well as the simple melody mixed with tones set in a minor key to improve the foreboding factor. Bojack’s original theme portrays emotions of sadness, mania, the “fear of missing out,” and it exemplifies these points when you are watching the opening theme. Seeing the outfits of Bojack change, but as you see him “dragged” through a montage in different outfits and settings like the Disney‘s It’s A Small World ride, his eyes devoid of any feeling remain the same.

A Soundcloud DJ by the name of NPC , with only 463 followers, is making splashes on this piece right now by offering us one of the more finer BoJack’s Theme remixes. While most of them are somewhat underdeveloped on terms of artistry (save but one runner up), NPC’s remix of Bojack’s Theme sets the tone similar to an 8-bit video game, and transfers the emoting, the sax solos, and most of the original elements into the electronic world. What makes the mix even more interesting, is he takes some of the more stronger sax parts, and tries to mimic them almost note for note.

NPC – Bojack Horseman Theme 

What truly adds to the foreboding sense of the remix, is NPC’s use of some kind of reverb that highlights the back-melody before the first crescendo kicks in. From what was originally a completely electronic-free song, NPC managed to keep all the more important physically instrumental sections, like the drum back beat, but give it a “Prince” touch that would make him sob tears of joy in his grave. NPC’s Bojack remix is a bonafied example of what an alternate title sequence could be in the television show, and not only tackled the section that is featured in the 30-second opening, but the entire track as it was originally recorded.

While the next season of BoJack Horseman only releases its seasons yearly, tune into this fresh beat and see the TV show through a different lens while you wait for the new season. Crack open a beer, put your shades on, and think of all the people you alienated with your behavior, just like Bojack would!

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