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Upcoming Kid Cudi Album to be Adapted for Animated Netflix Series

With the release date yet to be known, Kid Cudi fans have been on the edge of their seat not only waiting for his newest album, Entergalactic, but now an animated show that will be featured on Netflix parallel to the album dropping. Cudi proves time and time again that he is a multifaceted being, this time showing off his skills in a new industry. He’s set to star in, write for, and executive produce the upcoming show about a young man’s journey to find love. The animated adult series that will be exclusive to Netflix. Black-ish executive producer Kenya Barris will be an executive producer along with Ian Edelmen of How To Make It In America.

Since his A Kid Named Cudi days, he has been searching for love–within himself, with another woman, with his outside world–the man has been in a love drought since we met him! Throughout the years, there has been quite a shift in his music though, ranging from self destruction and drug abuse to an all rock/metal album where Cudi lived out his long-awaited fantasy of rising to fame as a rock-based artist. In more recent projects like Kids See Ghosts, we hear Cudi talk about finding himself and healing himself, which brought tears to lots of eyes due to an overwhelming “finally” moment collectively felt throughout the fanbase. Finally, the man who helped us all love ourselves through his struggle learned to love himself.

In Entergalactic, which continues his brand of space-themed compositions, maybe we can finally hear his personal projection of what it took for “The Man on The Moon” to finally love himself. The hardships, the changes, the feelings that came along with outgrowing destructive behaviours to provide a better life for himself. All I know is, it will be so satisfying to see how the man who understood all but was not understood by any brings his ideas to visual presentation for us to relate just that much more. 

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