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DJ Irene: A Staple in the Dance Floor Community

DJ Irene’s story is the true interpretation of started from the bottom. She knows what it’s like to be there and has climbed her way to the top. Fighting off her demons and even advancing herself through moments of living without a home have constructed her to be the motivated, successful woman she is today.

Starting out in Hollywood’s club Arena, DJ Irene would tear up the dance floor as she spun tracks on the weekends. She gained attention of electronic lovers back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, and has been banging out beats ever since.


As she developed a sense of family and belonging from establishing her music within the crowd, she realized what her passion was building for her.

“At one point I realized that I am not just playing records to the same people every weekend. These people care about me, more than I care for myself. I knew I had to make them proud by being proud of myself, by taking care of myself, by being the best.”

All of her unfavorable moments throughout her life have reinforced her current style of living. After every negative aspect she has been through, DJ Irene has taken away a bundle of knowledge and uses her life experiences to inspire the listeners of her music to this day.

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She brings every genre to the stage, and has separated herself from all of the other average female producers. This badass chick has been around the block, considering she has been mixing for decades. DJ Irene has hit some of the world’s most famous music festivals and clubs, and doesn’t plan on pressing on the breaks any time soon.


Recently, DJ Irene schooled us and obtained her master’s degree. It’s official, she’s the queen of it all. Even though she has had a successful music career, she went above and beyond to receive a valid education. Her story is one of true success, and if it wasn’t for her unmeasurable about of passion for music, she may have never overcame her unfortunate situations to be the official DJ Diva.

This Halloween weekend, DJ Irene is bringing the heat to Gypsy Bar, so purchase your tickets and join the event page.

Connect with DJ Irene: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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