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Get DEEP with the Dirtybird Family [Video]

Dirtybird is more than just a record label, it’s a family. Started in 2005, this San Francisco based label established their name as the leading deep house label. Based off of good vibes and booty-shakin’ music, Smirnoff Sound Collective gives us a little glimpse of Dirtybird and the Dirtybird tribe.

Smirnoff Sound Collective – Tribes (Episode 3): Dirtybird

From the get go, this label was started with love. Claude VonStroke, owner of Dirtybird, did not have the funds to create this label. His lovely wife, Aundy Crenshaw, COO/CMO of Dirtybird, decided to fund his dreams. She gave him one year to make $50,000, and clearly Claude kept his promise.

This documentary let’s fans see how Dirtybird began, and how much the Dirtybird family has extended. From the beginning, Justin and Christian Martin, Worthy, Fernando Rivera, tour manager/artist liaison, joined Claude on this journey. They just wanted to have a really good time and throw a good party. As the dream grew bigger so did the family. J. Philip, Kill Frenzy, Shiba San, and Grill$on, Dirtybird’s grill master, speak of what it’s like to be a part of Dirtybird and why it’s so unique and fun!

Dirtybird festivals started with Dirtybird BBQ then extended to Dirtybird Campout. “Dirtybird Campout is just like Dirtybird BBQ, but on steroids,” according to Claude VonStroke. Dirtybird Campout is unlike any other festival. It really created its own subculture. The fans get really involved with the campout. There’s games, interactions, good music, and tons of good vibes and cuddles.

Claude VonStroke doesn’t want this to be considered a joke label, but that doesn’t mean some Dirtybird songs aren’t funny. All track submissions are anonymous, and Claude will not sign unless the song is absolutely perfect.  This label is growing and so are their festivals, but even more importantly so is the family. The sky is the limit with Dirtybird.

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