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Three Chris Lake Remixes You Need To Know About

If you haven’t heard the name Chris Lake I’m sure you’ve heard his music before as he is probably one the best young house producers in the game right now. He’s a remix master and will take a stab at just about anything under the sun including any original track that he wants to make. He is probably most well known for his remixes and that’s how he got so much attention, but his originals are no joke either.

1) Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love

For this article we are going to stick to remixes however, and to start of this listicle were gonna go back to the ever infamous “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples. Going deeper than any other artists had thought of when the track was first released a year ago, Chris Lake does a wonderful job at combining piano and the dark bassline that thumps through your speakers. Just go ahead and give a listen to this song and I promise that you will want to stand up and start dancing immediately.

2) Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell – WTF

Slowing things down a bit and switching to a more hip-hop feel, Chris Lake spins things a completely different way with his remix of “WTF (Where They From)” an original track by Missy Elliot featuring Pharrell Williams. Once again, I promise this is a track you’ve heard before as it’s gotten played out by just about every single big name at some point. Still resembling the deep dark sound that Chris Lake is known for, he takes away the piano and adds a slightly out of tune synth lead that provides a much more funky feeling than any of his other tracks.

3) SNBRN ft. Kaleena Zanders – California

Probably his most famous song and the one that started it all for him, Chris Lake and Chris Matroda got together to bring this absolutely flawless remix of SNBRN’s “California“. Bringing back his favorite instrument, the piano, Chris Lake knows how to add some intense with those fat piano chords clunking over the drum pattern to build the perfect amount of energy until finally that deep bassline hits us on the drop. Once again I’m sure you’ve heard that remix before as it got played out loads of times by all of the most popular DJs around, check it out below!

Don’t forget that Chris Lake will be here with GTA this October 9th in Tucson at the Rialto Theatre! Tickets for his show can be found right here and make sure to follow him on all social media accounts below to stay up to date with any news or music!

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