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Zeds Dead: Pushing Themselves to the Next Level [Video]

With great excitement and after many successful years of traveling, touring, and headlining across the world, the dynamic duo, Zeds Dead, has some special news to reveal. Specializing in singles and various EPs for the last five years, Zeds Dead will be finally be releasing their debut album, Northern Lights with their record label, Dead Beats.

This Smirnoff Sound Collective sponsored video, Leap, is not only a promotion for Northern Lights and Dead Beats, it gives fans a little glimpse of Zeds Dead’s sentimental side, reflecting back on fond childhood memories, and future dreams that Zeds Dead and their team hope to aspire to.

Smirnoff Sound Collective presents LEAP Ft. Zeds Dead

It is no surprise that Zeds Dead start their record label in Toronto. After all, it is their childhood home and where their fame ultimately began. Their dreams simply started in a basement, which then grew into them performing at Bass Mentality in Toronto. Bass Mentality was the only option for these underground artists to even be recognized. Now, with this hot label, Toronto is going to be getting a little more recognition in the EDM industry.

After years of endless tours, Zack and Dylan (Zeds Dead) wanted to slow down and focus on finishing/perfecting their debut album, which has been in the works for some time. The clip reveals the hard works and the passion that Zeds Dead put into Northern Lights. They even show a glimpse of their studio as they work with Dragonette on “Neck and Neck.” Zeds Dead says, they want to create an album of “dynamic (and) of having something beautiful and vibrant that comes out of the darkness.”

The clip also reveals what Northern Lights tour has to offer. Not only do we get to hear this beautifully compositional album, but there will be an entire live visual set linked to every song at every show. Don’t forget to buy tickets for this magical event at the Marquee Theater on October 27.

Starting a record label in 2016 is risky business. It is difficult to see Zeds Dead failing at this newly found label, but it is easy to see that Dead Beats will become one of the hottest labels in the industry. With their heads in the right place, and the love of music in their hearts, Zeds Dead will be assisting various artists in achieving their dreams and creating nothing less than perfect music. To put it simply, “Dead Beats is just like Zeds Dead grown up.” Can’t wait to see what Dead Beats has to offer in the future with their first release Northern Lights on October 14.

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Connect with Dead Beats: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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