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Binary Hertz Previews Two Hot Tracks, Signs Up Donald Glaude and Arietta for Brand New E.P.

As it goes in the world of artists trying bring fruits out of their labor, it’s apparent that Jeremy Miller and Matty Spangler aren’t hitting the brakes anytime soon getting the Arizona scene hyped for some well-deserved and long-awaited releases that are going to be pivotal to developing their style. Last time we checked up on Binary Hertz, the club-ready “Into The Night” delivered salvation to the sometimes-starved dancefloor, and injected some creativity into a classic House sound. As well as a very extensive interview, the well-seasoned dynamic duo have had plenty on their plate as they have been in and out of the studio, while managing their future plans.

After toiling in the studio and making friends along the way, both Jeremy and Matty have released a very intrinsic track (which is also the title of the E.P.), “Without You,” straight from Relentless Beats and the horses’ mouths themselves. Just within the short preview of their freshest track out of recording booth, this track truly sets the tone for their style with the addition of sounds you wouldn’t have normally heard in their introductory tracks and performances. The Original Mix of Without You contains a flanging bass that reminds one of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” but simultaneously the feel of a track that contains many more well-thought out riffs and patterns than more classically techno-orientated tracks.

Now, did you think just because they were at work in the studio means there was no fun to be had? Well, you might be surprised to know that fellow music mastermind Arietta providing some drum + bass dirty action in their remix, which floats almost fluidly without disturbing the integrity of the original track. Much like the original mix, Arietta’s small sample of this remix contains enough gusto to prove her classical training as a virtuoso in composition and instrumentation. Suppose Arietta’s remix could provide that tactful yet dirty drum + bass to the further organic sound that Binary Hertz is pushing, which can definitely provide a mixture that could be groundbreaking for future releases.

Arietta’s remix further goes into convulsions when it combines the saucy female vocals of the original, and uses sounds that Klaus Nomi would most agreeably be proud of. Arietta almost comes out of the dark, bringing the Phoenix scene to new corners of creativity that is going to cover a well sought-after musical niche. With the lower synths that remind you slightly of a “key-tar” mixed with the right sensibilities of drum + bass that almost seem directly at home with her aforementioned past in different genres outside of the electronic world.

Another friend Jeremy and Matty are bringing along for the wild ride are their good friend, Donald Glaude, who might need no mention due to his own popularity and longevity in the house scene, packed with an arsenal of features on Spike TV, as well as the DJ Mag Top 100. Compared to BH and Arietta, Donald Glaude brings to this table of super friends an incredibly intimidating line of tracks that stretch back all the way to 1997. What makes his longevity impressive, is his constant improvement made to his deep rhythm style that includes various crowd-pumping samples that may be classic, but fit into the music as fluidly with the modern sounds that mesh with the old. Fear not, because this is partnership isn’t going to be a one-hit wonder, for both parties have plans to mold some future musical partnerships.

With the upcoming release of the “Without You” E.P. seeing a possible Beatport spot in the running, exciting things are happening for a band that once impressed us as an opener for Infected Mushroom 2016 back in April, and are continuing to reach new heights with the constant yearning to experiment with lesser known sounds, and taking the knowledge from their own respective careers, and merging them together. So far, we can all see that these two samples of the same track under different interpretations sets the tone Binary Hertz wants you to know: they are not bound to one sound, and they are definitely not a one-trick pony.

With the combination of Arietta’s slick interpretations and contributions to the field of drum + bass, and Donald Glaude’s veteran award-winning spirit, it’s a forecast telling us there could be sick music coming up in the works very soon.  Keep an eye on not only the dynamic duo, Binary Hertz, but their good friends Arietta and Donald Glaude as well, for these previews are definitely going to deliver a tweaked out super-track. As you can tell, the story of Binary Hertz is still being written, and these previews are very telling that new tracks are going to hit the dancefloor month-to-month with quick impact.

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