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Kygo Surprises Fans with ‘Starboy’ Remix

The tropical legend, Kygo, has returned from his last released, but this time he has hit us with something we haven’t seen in awhile: a remix. The Weeknd and Daft Punk’s track ‘Starboy’ has been a hit for some time now, sweeping the world with its addictively catchy tune.

Usually Kygo brings his unique originality with his fresh singles, but it is definitely about time that he brings his one-in-a-million style to a track we already know and love. After releasing the incredibly successful ‘Cloud Nine’ album, we have been hopelessly awaiting another Kygo killer to get us through.

Like always, Kygo brought his funky tropical melody that seems to collide perfectly with the hip-hop mantra of the song. Leaving the foundation of the song generally similar, it is still recognizably Kygo, with a chilled-out twist that makes you want to lie on a beach with a margarita in hand.

Check out the remix here!

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