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Ying Yang Brings The Thang to SALT Tacos y Tequila!

No matter how old you were, you probably remember being introduced to the Ying Yang Twins in the early 2000’s. The Atlanta raised pair has been making the ladies get low since before two thousand fo’.

Ying Yang Twins – Say I Yi Yi

This dirty duo was initiated into the mainstream hip hop world at the turn of the century after co-writing Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz’s “Get Low.” From the window to the wall, Get Low drops at clubs all over the world to this day.

In the early 2000’s, the Ying Yang Twins had all the ladies stuntin’ in the club. With hits “What’s Happenin” and “Salt Shaker,” they used their contrasting flows to take control of the scene. Mike Jones, Trick Daddy, and Pitbull have all released tracks with the Ying Yang Twins that most of us can still sing along to if it were to come on the radio.

Ying Yang Twins – Shake (feat. Pitbull)

Lately, the Ying Yang Twins have been continuing their party lifestyle. Their newest single, “Hit ‘Em Wit Dat D” uses modern electronic beats to influence the the track’s provocative flow. With this one, the Ying Yang Twins surely hold onto their repetition for their heavy beats and stimulating vocals.

To this day, the Ying Yang Twins get the place poppin’ every time they perform. Coming up on December 2, they’re bringing their explicit etiquette and rough rhythms to Salt in Glendale, so purchase your tickets and join the event page.

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