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Adventure Club’s Debut Full-Length Album Denotes Division but Preaches Synchronicity

With all the hubub around new album releases coming this December, Adventure Club is also debuted their new album with a legion of EDM superfriends. With simply listening to the introductory song, “Without You” (featuring the very charismatic Hunter Siegel) that throws high-pitched synth mixed with older-sounding autotune that delivers — again — a grit we have been missing in the house department. Now, before you get on our case, you genre-name-dropping crazy should know that I do not mistake my ears when I mention the house influences that reflect on their album. While it does have a foundation of house, one of the singles, “Dreams” (With ELEA) features a more ambient dreamscape that parties just as hard as it calms you down.

For those who might not be completely familiar with the work of Adventure Club, this might be an album your hard dubstep friends wouldn’t get along with. Instead of gritty, electronic soundboard elements, we are treated to a feather-light electric symphony that eases some of the “harder” tunes we heard over the summer. Take a listen to Adventure Club’s Firestorm (With Sara Diamond) and pull up a hammock for one of the most aesthetically pleasing winter albums of 2016. Now, although our two Canadian counterparts haven’t been around as long as others, you may remember them from their earlier-released E.P., “Calling All Heroes.” We did joke earlier that your dubstep friends wouldn’t like this, but to be quite frank, this album is a completely standalone effort on terms of production. The sleek and clean tracks like Limitless contradict the dirtier sounds found on “Ghosts.” 


  1. Without You Featuring Hunter Siegel
  2. Dreams Featuring ELEA
  3. Firestorm Featuring Sara Diamond
  4. Forever Featuring Ben Stevenson
  5. Limitless Featuring Delaney Jane
  6. Breathe Featuring Sondar
  7. Ghosts
  8. Reaction Featuring Leah Culver
  9. Crash 2.0 (Adventure Club vs. DallasK)
  10. Save Me With Terravita
  11. Fade Featuring Zak Waters
  12. Goodnight

The year of 2016 has been such a prolific time in dance and music in general that we sometimes want to latch on to one thing at a time. By doing that, you’d one of the most fascinating albums of December, 2016 as well. Adventure Club’s Red // Blue denotes division in the title, but preaches nothing but synchronicity in its lyrics and production style. Although their production credits may be smaller than others’, Red // Blue is putting them on the map and sounds like they took ten years to make this sexy piece. Take a chance, and definitely pick up a copy of Red // Blue, because the trance and ambient elements so masterfully crafted are the perfect antithesis to some of the “dirtier” trap and dubstep tracks out there. With most albums in the realm of EDM, you do face the issues of continuity, but Red // Blue with Adventure Club shines through as cohesive as ever. It can be sometimes be naturally overwhelming when looking at the tracklist, and seeing so many guest-artists giving their fill, but it is clear that Adventure Club had no issue letting these artists know the direction they wanted to drive the album. If there were any creative differences, none are apparent on tracks like “Reaction,” “Save Me,” and the slew of other album tracks featured with guests who have yet to make a solid name for themselves.

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