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Aryay – Never Gonna Leave (DNMO Remix)

“Never Gonna Leave,” an original by Aryay, recently surfaced to make viewers aware of the gang violence in Chicago, Illinois. To supplement the message of the song, Aryay released a video to portray the morbid result of the spike in murders around the area in 2016. The music video goes on to show children playing in their neighborhood, but as specific kids disappear off the streets, they reappear on a creative t-shirt to be remembered after their death.

Aryay – Never Gonna Leave (Official Music Video)

Kids Off The Block, a non-profit organization, was initiated by Aryay to provide youth with positive opportunities versus the negative outcomes that go hand in hand with gang violence. Since the beginning of the organization, Aryay has used the original version of “Never Gonna Leave” to motivate individuals to contribute to the organization. It’s been over a year since Aryay’s release previous to this one, showing how important the delivery of “Never Gonna Leave” has been for him.

On the flip side, DNMO has come out with a powerful remix of the tune. From the beginning, DNMO does an amazing job building things up, eventually unleashing a vigorous, boppity beat. As you listen, it can be recognized how DNMO has contributed his own fundamentals, allowing him to completely take over “Never Gonna Leave” and form it to be something of his own.

In hopes of receiving more support, DNMO also released his version of “Never Gonna Leave” in regards to Aryay’s organization. DNMO mentions how much he enjoyed remastering the track and links up OWSLA’s website as a platform to receive donations. So without a doubt, gang violence is a cause these two artists give a damn about, so listen to their versions, watch the video, and consider a donation to Kids Off The Block.


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