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Decadence Artist Spotlight: Tritonal to Throw Down at Decadence AZ

We are proud to announce that the dynamic duo, Tritonal, will be part of the immense lineup we have going for Decadence Arizona 2016. These partners in crime are bound to put on a memorable show, and we are happy to have them. Their “poppy” beats and soothing rhythms are the reason why we think they’ll be a perfect addition to the evening’s festivities. The caliber of their performances is undeniable, so we think you will leave Rawhide more than satisfied. We are ready to ring in the new year with some uplifting melodies and heavy bass drops on their behalf. Check out the eye-catching flyer below!

If that’s not enough to get you going, then have a listen to one of their recent live sets (courtesy of their official TritonalTV page on YouTube). The audio below is a perfect example of how “feel-good” their music really is.

Tritonal Presents Tritonia 150 [Live from Echostage]

Inspiring and euphoric, their set promises to be a dazzling segue into 2017. The above set took place in Washington D.C. and is a great indication of what is to take place at Rawhide Western Town in Chandler on December 30th. Their smooth, house-based, sound is sure to be a delight as they do not readily stick to anyone genre. They easily move from electro, to house, and even delve into some of the more pop-based sounds they are known for. Released as the 150th episode of their weekly Tritonia Radio podcast, the Washington D.C. show at Echostage is a solid representation of the intensive shows they put on. The love they have for their fans and their dedication to the art of making music is apparent in their high-quality performances.

The background, automated, narration even tells podcast listeners that Tritonia Radio “takes your mind to a new dimension of music.” We would tend to agree with this statement as Tritonal provides an out-of-this-world experience with their exhilarating compositions. No wonder their fans, also known as “Tritonians”, are so dedicated. Tritonal puts on a show that is about them.

Now that we’ve convinced you to check them out at Decadence, buy your tickets here! You won’t regret it.

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