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Sail Into The Clouds With Louis Futon’s Zoned Out Volume 2

23 year old Tyler Mindford from Philly, also known as Louis Futon, has made quite the breakthrough over the past couple years creating beautiful music that will sail you off to the clouds when you press play. He’s remixed names like Odesza, Mos Def, Wiz Khalifa, Childish Gambino, Rufus Du Sol, and more, and has put together some lovely tracks of his own like ‘Wasted On You,’ ‘Sir Rock,’ and ‘Silk.’

Louis Futon is a part of the genre-less bandwagon and does a great job displaying the importance being much less about how to classify the production, and instead encourages you to listen and focus on the fact that it’s simply just good music. Is it trap? Is it future bass? Is it ambient? Technically there might be elements of all of that, mixed in with a little bit of indie rock in his sound.

Proving his production mastery on Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective, Griz‘s massive studio album, it’s clear Louis is among the best of the best. Back in April he graced us with the first of his mix series, ‘Zoned Ou’ Volume 1. The mix was beautifully crafted and included all things dreamy including his single ‘Wasted On You,’ and his remix of Just A Gent‘s Limelight.

Now, Louis Futon has released Zoned Out’s Volume 2, and it’s just as magical as the first one. He shared on his twitter that he threw in some unreleased songs and some of his favorite songs as well. The mix features Futon’s 2016 blowout success “Can’t Hide’ featuring Ashe, some hip-hop mash ups with tracks like Odesza’s ‘Say My Name’ and Mura Masa‘s ‘Lovesick Fuck,’ and three unreleased tracks.

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