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The Dreamy Sam Feldt Will Float Your Boat at Decadence

Sam Feldt’s retro style goes perfectly with the tropical house he is predominantly known for. His tracks are usually upbeat in nature and provide for a sense of nostalgia that most other electronic dance artists cannot achieve as easily as Mr. Feldt. This is why we thought he would be a perfect fit for Decadence. Decadence is all about quality artists who have a very particular sound to share, and Sam Feldt definitely fits that description. Check out his flyer below!

sam feldt

His “throwback” type of sound will provide for an ideal segue into the new year. There isn’t a more nostalgic time of year than New Year’s Eve, and we think his set will be a perfect compliment to the evening’s festivities. We expect than more than an evocative set that will take us back to simpler times of pure love for the music. Afterall, Feldt has proven himself “to be all about the music.” He even says “you will not [usually] hear [his] voice in any of [his] mixtapes” for the purpose of focusing on mixtape itself. This is an uncommon occurrence nowadays as most producers release podcasts with a lot of talking in between songs. So, this a refreshing difference from the norm and demonstrates his genuine interest for the music. Listen here.

If the above mix wasn’t enough to convince to check out his set on that fateful Friday night, then check out his Soundcloud page for more of his tracks and mixtapes! We’ve conveniently linked you to it below. Also, don’t forget to get tickets to Decadence here. Join us for this groundbreaking event. It’s sure to be a blast.

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