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Decoding The Chainsmokers’ New Tune – “Paris”

After claiming their way to fame with their smashing hits, “Roses,” “Closer,” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” The Chainsmokers are back at it with their latest release, “Paris.”

When listening to the track, it unravels the the idea of a couple living in Paris. It displays a sense of commitment between the two with the lyrics, “if we go down then we go down together.” So without thinking any further, it seems desirable to have someone down with you no matter what life throws your way. However, that’s not what Drew and Alex are portraying through this song.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Lyric)

Behind all of the lyrics, the Chainsmokers are revealing a struggle they shared as they watched a close from battle their addiction. As his judgement became clouded, he was content living a tainted lifestyle with his girlfriend. They thought they were going to show the world they were better.

As time went on, their friend’s life crashed around them and loved one’s support faded out. Even though said friend remained close with his girlfriend, the two remained living in a fantasy much different than their reality, hence where the unfamiliar definition of the word “Paris.”

Paris –
1) A sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine.
2) An irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or daydreams.

Generally speaking, the tune can be relatable to anyone. Whether you can identify to their particular situation or not, many of us have experienced carrying out a specific moment while fantasizing about another. So next time you hear “Paris” empathize with others and their situations that have been dealt their way.

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