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Kill The Noise Kills It Again

The blend of genres can either turn out very badly or very well. It takes precision and an ear for perfection to make two different genres blend into one track. Kill The Noise is known for his grimey ear blasting anthems like ‘Without A Trace’ and his remix of AWOLNATION’s ‘Run.’

This time around, KTN hooked up with Madsonik to create ‘Divebomb,’ a rock-and-roll-meets-trap banger with a heavy rock influence that surprisingly fits perfectly with Kill the Noise’s EDM vibes. The track starts off with touches of electric guitar mixed with some melodic synths, and quickly transitions into a horn and percussion filled powerhouse that would fit perfectly into a metal, rock, or edm show. The blend of dubstep, trap, and rock could easily be turned sloppy, but this track is smooth chaos at its finest.

On top of releasing the single, KTN also posted a playlist on soundcloud consisting of Divebomb, other top Kill The Noise hits, and even some remixes from NGHTMRE, Rezz, and Snails. If you’re looking for a collection of high-energy songs to rage to, this playlist is the way to go.

Check it out here!

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