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Seven Lions & Jason Ross Deliver a ‘Higher Love’ With Their New Single

Seven Lions, the man with a majestic mane, is known for his ability to beautifully blend with artists of different sub genres. He’s mastered the craft of collaboration with many different artists, and his most recent team effort is with trance heavyweight, Jason Ross.

Released on Anjunabeats, ‘Higher Love’ displays the perfect balance of Seven Lions’ melodic dubstep, Jason Ross’s inducing trance, and the intoxicating vocals of Paul Meany. A dreamy trance infused buildup accompanied by Pauls vocals leads into an upbeat melodic dub drop, and it’s brilliant.

“This collab with Jason was probably one of the quickest and smoothest I’ve ever worked on,” Seven Lions says in a press release. “It started out with a really simple piano melody that you hear in the middle and then we just started building on it over a few weeks. (It was done) all through email, but we would be working on it at the same time and constantly sending updates. I think it was a really fun collab, really excited about how it turned out.”

Seven Lions has been dropping this song while on “The Journey Tour.” Coupled with the magnificent visuals provided by Ian Alvarez, and the rest of the Seven Lions team, Higher Love has become a high point of recent shows. Catch Jason Ross at Crush Arizona for your chance to hear Higher Love live!

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