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The Martin Garrix Show (Episode 6): An Intimate Look at the Life of an International Superstar

The most recent installment of The Martin Garrix Show is here! This beloved web series documents the life of “EDM’s youngest most prolific producers. His talent and level of success are undeniable, but there are many reasons why he is so heavily sought after by his fans. Not only is he talented, but he is also humble and hard-working. His staff and associates all attest to the fact that he is extremely dedicated to his craft and is always willing to grow and evolve. This awe-inspiring look into the life of the world’s number 1 DJ enables the viewer to develop a deeper perspective on this extremely successful artist. Take a look at the video below, and understand why his message is so touching and contagious.

The Martin Garrix Show: Episode 6

He has taken into account all aspects of his stardom, properly marketing himself in every way imaginable. Everything from creating his own minimalistic clothing brand, +x , to appearing on The Tonight Show alongside Bebe Rexha, this young mogul has it figured out. However, he attributes all of his success to his fans. As he states at the end of the video below, “I feel like we did this together. It’s not just me.” Garrix makes it a point to use his music as a catalyst for positivity. Like any successful artist, he has a connection with his fans that is meaningful on both an individual scale and on a large scale. His brand logo is pictured below.


If you want to catch past and future episodes of this inspirational series, check out his Youtube.

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