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Mija’s New Track “Secrets” Out Now

Amber Giles, known as Mija, has been taking over the EDM world one song at a time. You may know Mija as a local DJ from Phoenix, Arizona, but she is now one of the top up-and-coming DJ’s in today’s industry. Mija first got her start in 2014, after she played with DJ legend Skrillex and has been a favorite since then. One of my favorite things about Mija is that she never sticks to one genre and is constantly mixing it up, leaving you with a surprise every time.

Just this past week, Mija just came out with a her very first solo track called “Secrets”. This song is so good in so many ways. For one, this song really takes me into another world with almost a video game kind of vibe. The happy and bouncy beats really makes you get into the song. Along with the repetitive and high-pitched vocals sampled from Tegan & Sara’s song “Boyfriend”, it makes you wanna dance your heart out and sing the song like nobody’s business! Another great thing about this song is the drum and bass “rock and roll” feel paired with the pop vocals, there’s no way nobody couldn’t love this song.

Since this is Mija’s first solo track and is beyond amazing, I’m so excited to see where Mija’s career goes in the future. Listen to her new track below!

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