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Bijou’s Latest – Menace

Hailing from our home in Phoenix Arizona, the unique G-house dj/producer, Bijou, has been on fire lately. Within the last year he’s earned major support from Destructo, SNBRN, Dr Fresch, & other industry G-House heavyweights and has grown as an artist immensely.

So far in 2017, Bijou has hit us with singles ‘Guru,’ ‘Lockdown’ and now, ‘Menace.’ It’s clear to see that he improves with each track he releases, and ‘Menace’ is no exception. It starts off with a groovy beat to get those feet tapping, and is followed by a deep and gritty drop with dub sounding synths that you’ll irresistibly bob your head to.

It’s impressive to see just how far Bijou has come since he got his start as a local opener, to now showing up on lineups as a headliner. As I can imagine this is every local dj’s dream, Bijou is a huge influence to all aspiring artists here in the Az music scene.

I actually asked Bijou in an interview in October of 2015 what’s his plan for moving from an opener to a headliner was, and he said: “The plan for that is pretty specific as I have my releases planned through the end of the year as well as the first part of next year. I need to continue to build my network and fan base and stay patient. This type of thing takes time so you can’t rush the process, I think thats really important.”

Well you heard him the man, practice and patience have taken him no where but up and I predict that’s the direction he will continue going. Stay tuned with Bijou to see what’s next!

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