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Ganja White Night Shares a Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Single “Blood Showers”

In just a few months, Phoenix Lights Festival will be returning for its third year bringing in a huge lineup with artists of all sorts. For those of you who like grimy dubstep, you won’t want to miss Ganja White Night’s set, and they just posted a sneak peek clip of a track they’re working on on their SoundCloud to get you hyped up.

Ganja White Night is an electronic music group based in Belgium consisting of Erwan Charlie Dodson and Benjamin Bamby, and their sound is just as spectacular as their name. After experimenting with hip-hop and drum n bass, Ganja White Night grew inspired by dubstep, when they began creating ‘bass wobbling’ while staying away from the cliches of that genre specifically. Their sound is one that is hard to put into words, with a crazy style of organic dubstep influenced music. They focus on a dialogue between bass and mighty melodic lines resulting in a deep psydub sound that’s perfect for all of you who like your music a little weird in a good way.

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GWN has been teasing their fans on twitter about their new music, keeping them eager for what’s to come. Two months back they posted a clip of an unreleased single titled “Ferity,” and now they’ve done the same with “Blood Showers.” They also tweeted saying that all of their unreleased music will be played on tour, so catch them at Phoenix Lights to hear the real deal.

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