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Major Lazer reimagines Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”

Major Lazer has spent their fair share of time ranked on the Billboard top 100 list. Recently, however, they have tackled the Ed Sheeran’s latest chart topper in the form of a remix. The beat of the original “Shape of You”, composed by Ed Sheeran himself, sounds extremely inviting for tastemakers like Diplo to play with. The track features a poppy reggaeton-style groove that is slightly sped up and accentuated in Major Lazer’s remix.

The remix also features classic Major Lazer moombahton and trap drops and an additional two vocalists. The vocalists brought in to add to the star studded remix are Nyla and Kranium; both have been known to work closely with Diplo and Major Lazer. Although it is always pleasant to hear Ed sing solo, the incorporation of multiple vocal talents sounds really great over the revamped beat. The overall energy of the remix is cheerful and whimsical and is a respectable reinterpretation of the wildly successful original. Check out the official lyric video below!Connect With Major Lazer: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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