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Pham & Sober Rob’s ‘Alibi’ is Out Now on Deadbeats

Zed’s Dead‘s official imprint Deadbeats is quickly establishing itself as a source of innovative electronic music and successful effort by ZD to promote and showcase producers from their Canadian hometown. Deadbeats first compilation that came out in February included songs from Nebbra, REZZ, Megalodon, Memorecks, Pusher, Blount, and Zeds Dead themselves.

Now, Deadbeats has released a stunning track titled ‘Alibi’ by Pham and Sober Rob. Sober Rob has is known for his intricate sound, that combines cinematic tendencies with a dreamy haze. The producer has also worked with up and comers including Oshi, Alexander Lewis and more. Hailing from Poland, Pham has worked up a storm in the scene with his darker undertones in his future bass sound. Most known for his remix of of Flapo‘s “Dear Neighbour”, Pham has a polished approach at his sound design, combining a deep sound with light vocals.

‘Alibi,’ with vocals from Madi showcases both producers styles so distinctly, with dreaminess, a deep gritty drop and light vocals. I think Zeds Dead made a great pick recruiting these guys and that they should make more music together as well. Stay tuned for more from Deadbeats!

Connect With Pham: Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

Connect With Sober Rob: Twitter | Website | SoundCloud

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