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Spin it Back Saturday With Oliver Heldens & The Bunnydance

For this weeks version of Spin it Back Saturday we’ll be reminiscing on one of Oliver Heldens old tracks, ‘Bunnydance.’ Over the years Heldens has become one of the hottest house artists, and his older tracks are just as good as the new.

Oliver started his music career by signing with Spinnin Records in 2013, and caught Tiesto’s attention with his funky single “Gecko”, leading Tiesto to sign him with his Musical Freedom label. Oliver said in an interview with DJMag, “Before ‘Gecko’ I was working on a lot of groovy, housey stuff, but had never released something like that, because originally I’d been working on progressive/electro stuff back in the day. Besides that though, all the support the past year has given me positive inspiration as well.”

Seeming as if his creations aren’t totally what he expected them to be, what Oliver has created is some of the more unique and groovy house music I have heard, and the song that sticks out to me the most is “The Bunnydance” Oliver and his PR team probably have one of the best senses of humor of all DJs today. He’s constantly poking fun at himself, and also might be one of the only DJs that dances on stage during his performance. The team and Oliver even put together a contest for the Bunnydance video to get some fans shuffling in the background of his video, which I think is pretty awesome.

Oliver Heldens – Bunnydance (Official Music Video)

Oliver Helden’s sound is bouncy and energetic, making shuffling irresistable. So don’t miss his set at Phoenix Lights to be a part of one big shuffle party, and maybe Oliver will come down and shuffle with his fans like he’s done in the past.

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