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“Never Get Enough” of JackLNDN

If you haven’t quick picked your official song of Summer 2017, I may have just found it for you. JackLNDN‘s newest track, “Never Get Enough,” might be some of the most relaxing tropical house I’ve ever heard. It’s the perfect song for driving on the freeway with the top down and your best friends in the backseat.

British house producer JackLNDN did his own vocals for this song, and they fit the track beautifully. It’s a delightful mix of tropical and disco vibes, with a heavier focus on lyricism than some of his other tracks–the perfect song to get you through the dog days.

Give it a listen below:

This bouncy track was dropped through Ultra Music. The combination of it’s down-tempo body but upbeat lyrics and mood had me fallin’ in love and excited for whatever he has in store for us next!

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