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RB Exclusive Interview: One on One With Said The Sky

The multi-talented DJ and Producer Said The Sky, visited us at Phoenix Lights Festival just a couple weeks ago delivering one of his emotive and unique live sets. I had the chance to sit down with him after his set and ask him a few questions, and I think you’ll be just as excited about his answers as I was.

We are so excited to have you out for Phoenix Lights, who’s set are you personally most excited for?

“Unfortunately I don’t have much time to catch anyone tonight because I have to fly home but I’m super excited to see Illenium’s set, and I saw some of Ekali’s set which was amazing. So yeah, I was probably the most pumped up for those two.”

What’s your favorite part of your set that you played tonight?

“There’s a few little fun things that I had planned. One that I’ve enjoyed a lot lately is A Day To Remember song that I did a little bootleg of that built up into an old song that Illenium and I made together with the ADTR vocals continuing over our song that worked perfectly”

You’ve done a lot of work with Illenium, how has working with him influenced and or benefitted your music?

“I don’t even think I can put it into words. Working with him has changed my life in general. We’ve been working together for so long now and there’s a great balance, our pros and cons even each other out. So what I was good at I could help him in that area, and what he’s great out he can help me out with. So we just constantly learn and build off of each other and seeing how he’s taken everything that he’s learned and everything that he loves and has done so well with it has given me a really good idea of what you can do with music.”

You recently released a Nest HQ Minimix that featured some unreleased tracks. Do you have any release dates for those?

“Unfortunately no release dates. I can’t talk too much about them, but we’re trying to get together an EP or an album. But whatever it turns out to be I’ll release some songs and singles ahead of time so you guys can hear it. I’m excited.”

So you’ve had experience with musical abilities since you were a child. How has influenced your abilities producing electronic music?

“Huge impact. When you’re producing music you’re working with a ‘DAW’, and when you’re writing melodies or chords or using plugins you’re writing on a piano roll and piano is my main instrument, so it’s just so easy to take ideas that I’ve always had that were just on the piano and turn those into full productions with layers. It’s a really great help more than anything else.”

How different do you think your sets would be without the live element?

“Very very different. So just recently when I started the always summer tour is when I started incorporating the live element. I’ve always wanted to it just wasn’t really feasible, and now doing it I never want to go back. I’m sure I’ll still play some DJ sets and they’re fun in the right setting but there’s so much difference in the two performances and the live set is just so much more fun.”

Anything big coming up for Said The Sky?

“The music and album is definitely a huge thing that I’m excited about but there’s also some shows that we’re looking into to try and play later this year that I can’t say much about, but I’m just very very pumped for the rest of the year”

Well you heard him, stay tuned for lots of new music from Said The Sky!

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