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Watch Stunning Visuals With Camo & Krooked’s ‘Good Times Bad Times’ Music Video

Formed in 2007, Austrian drum n bass duo, Camo & Krooked have some stunning new footage to share. They’re celebrating their ten year anniversary by making 2017 their biggest year yet by joining the Ram Records family, and will be releasing their long awaited album, ‘Mosaik’ on the imprint this coming May. These guys are known for their unique drum n bass sound enriched with elements of house and dubstep, and for the remarkable aesthetic they bring to all of their music videos.

Earlier this month, Camo & Krooked released ‘Good Times Bad Times’ off of the upcoming album. The single quickly captivates you with it’s mid-tempo minimalistic style, arpeggio guitar lines, and gospel bluesy vocals from singer/songwriter, Sebastian Arman. As if the single weren’t enough, Camo & Krooked found another way to entice us by pairing it with some stunning cinematography.

Camo & Krooked – Good Times Bad Times (Official Video)

The music video takes you on a journey of serene imagery from beaches to mountains, sunrises to sunsets, and sunny days to starry nights, all in perfect synch with the track’s tempo. Krooked’s vocals perfectly juxtapose its imagery, emerging a beautifully intricate soundscape and rolling scenery which filters across your screen.

Stay tuned for the remainder of Camo & Krooked’s new album, and catch them at the Monarch Theatre at the end of June.

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