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Odesza Comes Out of Hibernation With Two New Singles!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have been waiting for it finally here! After a solid 3 years of wishing and waiting, Odesza has FINALLY come out of hibernation with new music. “Line of Sight” featuring Wynn and E Mainsionar reminds us of all the reasons we love Odesza; it almost seems too good to be true. Odesza brings back their signature sound on this track, filled with cinematic emotion and vibey synths. 

With catchy vocals from Wynn, Odesza doesn’t fail to provide the energy that we’ve missed so much the past 3 years. A few hours later they released another fresh one called “Late Night” and added both songs to a playlist on Spotify for the world. “Late Night” is a whimsical upbeat tune that’s perfect heading into summer.

Odesza is headlining multiple upcoming festivals and these songs will no doubt be featured in their sets. We have high hopes that they will be releasing more music soon, but for now, we can thank Odesza for finally answering our prayers. If you haven’t heard the new-new yet, check it out now!

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