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Headhunterz Returns Home to Hardstyle

It’s not uncommon for artists to branch out and expand on their roots, but hardstyle fans were understandably a bit disappointed when Headhunterz opted for a more mainstream sound. He’s had a lot of success in that endeavor, producing records with KSHMR, R3HAB, Krewella, and Crystal Lake to name a few, but after some self-exploration, Headhunterz has found his way home!

He made an appearance at Defqon.1, a festival dedicated to the harder styles, this past weekend to performs at the legends set, showcasing some of the greatest hardstyle acts in the scene. He came with an exciting and emotional message for fans. “Time has revealed his destiny, to return home and sacrifice himself to the hard styles, forever. Headhunterz is back.”

Defqon.1 2017 – Headhunterz returns to hardstyle

The video gave me goosebumps the first time I watched it.. and the eighth. It’s enough to make a hardstyle fan go soft. You can see his journey come full circle as he’s welcomed back with open arms. Headhunterz plans to return to the scene by relaunching his podcast with a YouTube live stream. In addition, he will release an EP of hardstyle-only tracks later this year, including the track “Destiny” heard at the end of his Defqon. 1 set.

Headhunterz said, “It was love at first sight with hardstyle and myself! I fell in love because it was the only music in the world that connected with every part of me that made me human. Raw emotion and energy, uncontaminated and right underneath the surface of our rapidly moving society that consumes everything in its path. It has united people like nothing I have ever seen in my life and it has made even the toughest men shed tears at times, like it did at that moment in time.”

Welcome home, Headhunterz!

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