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Kill The Noise Shares New Playlist!

It always makes us feel closer to artists when they share a little bit of their own personal taste. Many EDM artists use platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud to show what they are digging in the industry; after all, they’re the ones who know it best. We love to listen to what our favorite artists are listening to, and they are the best portal into fresh music.

A couple days ago Kill The Noise created a new playlist on Soundcloud called “friday feels.” He compiled 18 songs, most remixes that were new to my ears. Everything from newly released Quix to Ray Volpe and Getter. I ended up reposting almost every song that he put on this playlist. It’s no surprise that Kill The Noise has incredible taste in music, and it’s a blessing that it is being shared with the EDM community on such a wide platform.

If you are searching the interwebs for new tracks, your favorite artists’ Soundcloud is a hot spot to look. Looking through their likes, reposts, and playlists can provide everything you didn’t even know you wanted. There is new music everywhere! Why not start with those who know it the best?

Check out the new playlist for some fresh toons!

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