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Spin it Back Saturday Featuring What So Not’s Very First Track ‘Breathe’

Formed in 2011, was a one of a kind duo, What So Not, consisting of  Chris Emerson and Harley Edward Streten, who now performs as the one and only Flume. The duo issued a debut EP, 7 Dollar Bill, and a second EP in 2013, The Quack, which featured a collaboration with American rapper Action Bronson. Flume left the project in 2015, shortly before the release of the Gemini EP.

Many fans were sad to see Harley and Chris part ways, but the two of them have skyrocketed as individuals and blossomed into some of the most impressive and unique artists in the game. In honor of What So Not visiting the Pressroom at the end of this month, I found it fitting to feature the first ever track released by the duo on SoundCloud, “Breathe.”

Although it’s still a stellar track, “Breathe” sounds absolutely nothing like the current What So Not sound, with or without Harley. Breathe maintains a funky vibe throughout with a steady deep house beat, and poppy synths.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing What So Not’s set at Coachella, and I was completely blown away. He had tons of new music to share, all consisting of his unique style that can’t be compared to, or really put into words. Do not miss his set at the Pressroom on June 30th for your chance to witness it yourself!

Connect With What So Not:  Website|Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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