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4 Dirty South Tracks to Get You Geared Up For His Upcoming Performance

Dirty South is no stranger to house music, and we are no stranger to Dirty South. While his sounds may not be directly reminiscent of the actual American “Dirty South,” Dragan Roganović always brings his game to the floor when anyone gets a whiff of his slick instrumental and vocal production stylings. In honor of his July 23 show, we at Relentless Beats will be taking a look at four of his most banging tracks that will no-doubt get you in the mood for what will be an outrageous evening:

4. “Just A Dream” Featuring Rudy

Starting us off on our countdown, we have “Just A Dream,” featuring the soulful stylings of Rudy. “Just A Dream” was last covered as Dirty South’s mainstream “breakthrough,” and focuses heavily on a pop-melodizing piano that blends perfectly with Rudy’s croon. Just A Dream is not only a banger, but an outlier in Dirty South’s catalog, for it favors melody and pop sensibilities mashed with his attention to the composition of the track. “Just A Dream” isn’t just a track for the newcomers to Dirty South, but possesses the personality of all his older tracks, letting you know that he’s the same ole’ Melbourne-based DJ we know and love.

3. “Freefallin’” Featuring Gita Lake (Dirty South Remix)

To contrast some of the more mainstream vibes, we threw another wildcard into the countdown to switch things up. Freefallin’ is a slightly older track that Dirty South released as a remix on his Soundcloud about two years ago, and while music changes over time, “Freefallin’” retains its timeless sound. The remixed track takes middle-eastern sitar-like sounds and combines it with a ravaging beat that reverberates through the softly droned female vocals by Gita Lake ever so smoothly. As with many of his other tracks, Dirty South definitely puts emphasis on the vocals contributed, with the light cooing bouncing off the flanging bass. Freefallin’ could be described as a track that gets you through the middle of that sweaty, club floor with that guys’ armpit in your face as you drunkly try to get to your friend on the other side.

2. Zedd – Beautiful Now feat. Jon Bellion (Dirty South Remix)

We are pretty sure this song needs no introduction in its original form. We may be quite familiar with Jon Bellion’s vocals smoothly caressing the synths of Zedd’s banger, but did you know Dirty South took it in an even dirtier direction? Dirty South’s remix of “Beautiful Now” qualifies itself as a quality Dirty South track by changing up some of the more ambient progressive qualities to something much darker. “Beautiful Now” still retains just as euphoria as the original, but contains darker aspects that make the vibrations much more frantic than they are ready to party. Dirty South’s “Beautiful Now” remix highlights the underground club potential the track can have and deserves the number two spot on this countdown for making an iconic track even better.

1. I Swear Featuring Anima! (Dirty South Remix)

Arriving with a home-run slide into the number one spot, Dirty South is bringing it all home with a recently released remix of the track, “I Swear.” Upon first observation, any listener might noticed the calmer tones found on this track compared to the others. Over time, Dirty South’s work has achieved the ability to become a multitude of emotions, that transcend the vocals. While Anima! does their part in contributing solid vocals, I Swear is a needed break from the current pandemonium. With a bouncing piano on top of light percussion, Dirty South found the perfect balance between “party” and “chill.” I Swear is a culmination of all his hard work up until this point, and displays versatility in his creative mindset when behind the boards. I Swear will certainly not be the closing banger of the show, but it will certainly be a treat for later in the show if played.

Check out Dirty South when he hits Talking Stick Resort on July 23rd, and don’t forget to get schwifty to these tracks before the show!
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