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Dirty South Drops Mainstream Breakthrough, “Just Dream” ft. Rudy

When you hear the name, “Dirty South,” it might remind you of all the “Dirty South” iconic sound of rappers who have spawned some of our biggest hip-hop superstars. Well, your guess couldn’t be more off: Dirty South is not only a Serbian-Australian expat, and contains no trace of the American South, but has offered us a banging brand of house that throws away some of the more monotonous trends you might be hearing on the radio. Although Dirty South has only released two full-length albums and a tidy collection of singles, working with Alesso, David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell has given him enough leverage in the industry to bring us the release of “Just Dream,” with vocalist, Rudy.

What makes “Just Dream” so special? Well, looking at DS’s track record, many of his tracks share a symbiosis with the vocals they feature. In many of the articles we produce at RB, it’s no secret that many artists utilize a vocal track, but “Just Dream” gives us a sample of what Dirty South is trying to accomplish: debuting a track that not only has solid production and displays vocals, but actively combines them into the composition of the song. The vocal contributions from Rudy as well hold up on their own behind the modern Daft Punk-ish inspired bass lines that could reverb through any club globally.

Although the track does contain a simple piano riff that mirrors a lot of popular sounds we may hear on the radio, the very tribal aspect of the piano riff mixed with the bass line mentioned above creates an iconic combination that definitely marks itself as Dirty South’s style. “Just Dream” uses common conventions, but utilizes a pulsing bassline that makes it not only ready for the dance floor, but proves to why he has worked with such heavyweights at a young point in his discography. With Rudy on vocals, Dirty South is looking to reinvent the mainstream status quo by making his licks something a little “dirtier” than your used to when you turn the dial. 

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