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Avicii Announces Astonishing Return to Music with Comeback Album and Audio Teaser

Avicii just dropped the news that he will be returning to music after all and we are shook! He made the heartbreaking announcement that he would be retiring from music last year so it’s exciting to know that Avicii, born Tim Berg, is in the midst of working on a brand new album. It’s huge news!

Just a few days ago, Avicii posted on Instagram a teaser. It included one of the new tracks entitled “Friend Of Mine” from the upcoming album, featuring his signature folkish sound and uplifting vocals. After focusing on and regaining his health, it looks like Avicii is becoming heavily involved in his passion for music once again. Earlier this year in January, Berg went live on Instagram to showcase some of the work he is doing in the studio and apaprently that was only the beginning. Check it out here.

We couldn’t be happier for him and are definitely looking forward to his upcoming endeavors. Here’s the teaser below. We hope you like it!

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