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Check Out Seven Lion’s Beautiful New EP ‘Where I Won’t Be Found’

Last week Jeff Montalvo, also known as Seven Lions, released his latest EP, an 8-track melodic masterpiece titled Where I Won’t Be Found. This comes after an outstanding set at EDC’s Circuit Grounds where he blew the crowd away with his signature song curation and genre blending. That same brilliant production is a leading force in this latest piece of work.  It features talented vocal upstarts Rico & Miella, Skylar StonestreetKarra, Unlike Pluto and more.

It’s an EP that takes you on a journey and tugs at the heart strings. Jeff explores new sounds outside of the melodic dubstep that he’s become so known for. There’s also some type of vocal on every track which is uncharacteristic for Seven Lions. “Freesol” featuring Skyler Stonestreet was released two months prior while he was on his ‘There And Back Again’ Spring Tour and that title track “Where I Won’t Be Found,” featuring NEONHEART, was released earlier this month.

“Freesol,” features Skyler Stonestreet as both the vocalist and songwriter. It’s light percussion and synths create a sense of euphoria. “Where I Won’t Be Found”  has a powerful melodic drop and gorgeous melodies that float amongst NEONHEART’s vocals. Check these two songs and the rest of the new tracks out below:

The EP features Rico & Miella on two separate tracks, “Sun Won’t Rise” and “Without You My Love.” Both are magical in their own way. The first track, “Sun Won’t Rise,” is the EP’s midpoint featuring yearning vocals and a chilling vibe that makes me anxious for more. The second track featuring Rico & Miella, “Without You My Love,” is my personal favorite from this EP. It has a silky smooth build up and unexpected drop that you can’t help but dance to.

“Rescue Me” is a collaboration with Unlike Pluto. It wastes no time jumping right into the first verse. You can really hear Unlike Pluto’s contribution by the first drop, which adds a trap element that entices the crowd to dance. “Slow Dive” features an electrifying male vocal which is a welcomed change. He brings it full circle with some of his beloved melodic dubstep on the closing track “Silent Skies,” but overall EP as a whole is Jeff’s most experimental yet and I’m loving it!

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