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LOUDPVCK and Quix Drop Their Heavy Single ‘Pace’

LOUDPVCK is the dynamic duo that will produce and play almost every single genre in the EDM world. The dynamic duo is comprised of Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks, who met during their time at the Berklee College of Music. LOUDPVCK produces many singles with their signature hip-hop approach that are categorized in different genres and believe that they shouldn’t be bound by just one genre. The duo recently came together with Quix, a New Zealand-born Trap DJ and producer, to collaborate on the project single now known as “Pace.”

This single contains the best of both worlds as LOUDPVCK’s signature hip-hop approach is very prominent on the track. It also contains elements of the different sub-genres of Trap making it a song that I definitely look forward to hearing at festivals! Both these artists are extremely talented and they put all their talent on the table with this new single.

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