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Luca Lush Drops Superior Remix of M83’s ‘Midnight City’

Blue-haired trap up-and-comer Luca Lush just dropped an awesome new remix of M83’s electronica hit “Midnight City.” Luca chose to redo the classic wailing melody of the original with a hauntingly digital synth that explodes when the track kicks in. Also typical of Luca’s vibrant style is the inclusion of a hard-hitting trappy second drop and a beautiful solo melody in the latter half of the track. Peep it below:

Luca Lush is one of the newer voices in the rapidly growing genre of future trap. He definitely has been gaining traction as of late though, with tracks like “Midnight City,” “OBB,” “Whirlwind,” and his lift of What So Not’s “Jaguar.” He even played a small show at Tucson’s Solar Culture Gallery, which was one of my favorite shows I’ve attended. You can catch Luca Lush & similar future trap superstar Jackal at the Monarch Theatre on Saturday, August 26th. Grab tickets here.

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