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Album Review: First Landing – Moon Boots

Aside from his highly anticipated show at Bar Smith next month, Moon Boots has been hard at work perfecting his first full-length album, First Landing.

First Landing is an objective piece of work his fans have been waiting for. Moon Boots had always been known for banging club beats and unconventional production stylings, but his first full-length album is a true testament which matches his ability to craft his sound.

Listening to his entire catalog will always bring alternate moods arriving from his diverse musical background, but First Landing proves itself to be the culmination of club, minor disco elements, and cooing vocals from a slew of features.

Starting with the muted melancholy track “Fortune Teller,” Moon Boots meshes what seems like a hip hop beat with a simple melody crooned by guest vocalist, King Kona. Much of the album follows the format of electronic innovation through the tapping of the offbeat.

Unlike artists who rely on the trend of using organic natural sounds, tracks like Keep the Faith and Never Get To You blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Gone are the usual 2017 trend elements of household sounds, and back are the traditional pieces of the puzzle which brought our love of house back in the first place.

Whether it was intended or not, the latter part of the album finds itself presenting darker moods than the beginning half. In each percussion element and synth, the labor of love can be felt all throughout the album. Noting the complexity of simple beats, most tracks will deceive you with the seemingly simple beats, only to bloom into a bouquet of mixed influences.

Moon Boots’ first full-length album is a treat for any fan looking to satiate their palate with some good ole’ fashioned house with an M. Night Shyamalan twist. First Landing is a wake-up call, telling the house genre to get out of bed and begin making great music again.

Be sure to grab First Landing on Beatport to experience the intensity for yourself and grab a ticket to his show on Sunday, September 3rd here.

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