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Sunday Funday with RB: Aruis, Porteon (Porter & Madeon), and Flume

Sunday Funday, we meet again. There’s no better way to end your weekend other than learning what’s up with your favorite artists. So with that, let’s get into the haps with Arius, Porteon, and Flume.

Baby Alert! The parents are relationship goals AF and they took finger banging into the public eye….can you guess who it is? You read the article and you already know Porter, Madeon, and Flume cant not bear a child so if you guessed Aruis you would be correct. Matt Nguyen and Tessa Lizz are the dynamic duo who makes up Auris and last week they added a forever collab to their home and business. Aruis shook us to the core at Global Dance Fest last November and The Talking Stick pool in June. As a part of the RB family, it’s our greatest pleasure to welcome their new baby, Bassline into this world. Congratulations, Aruis!

Check out baby Bassline jamming out with dad!


Another one of EDM’s favorite duo has some exciting news! Porter and Madeon came out with some sick new merch 4 days ago and I can already feel my bank account hurting. The new ‘Shelter the Animation’ apparel is simple, sweet, and sure to be your new favorite shirt. Porteon and OMOCAT apparel, our bank accounts hate you but we love you. Check out their site and rep the best.

Flume is in Bloom! If you’re like me and Flume obsessed, then you’re probably aware of his ever-evolving playlist of tracks he’s digging at the moment. If not, well now you are and you’re welcome. Every so often Flume adds to his ‘Flume Essentials’ on Spotify and 12/10 times those additions are my new favorite songs. Yesterday Flume the updated playlist with UK tunes and just in time for the work week grind! Plug in your headphones and get jamming! Thanks, Flume!


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