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Felmax & PURGE Want to ‘Make Love to Your Eardrums

In the wonderful world of electronic music, you’re never pressed to find trap songs. But in 2017, what constitutes a good trap song? Well, maybe we should refer to the new track by Felmax and PURGE.

Felmax has been on the scene for a hot minute, perfecting his brand of trap. It mixes perfectly with hip-hop sounds and has an unordinary aggressive overtone which makes his new track with Purge even more delicious. Titled “Make Love,” this track is anything but soft and cuddly. The mix of production styles between the two artists arrives at a crescendo halfway through the track with rough beats mashing with a slim melody. This melody never lasts long, because this duo always comes back to the start with true trap music. We also can’t help but shout-out PURGE, the mysterious duo who also made mad beats on this collaboration and kept the haunting vibes real.

“Make Love” is a track that not only stays true to the genre that is trap, but makes cultural contributions that pay ode to where trap originally came from. There is no question Felmax and PURGE are producer-magicians who aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

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