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DJ to Watch: Space Jesus

Space Jesus, aka Jasha Tull is a Brooklyn based electronic music producer who has created quite a stir in the last couple of years. If you asked a random person off the street to describe his music they’ll probably be wide-eyed and speechless at first and follow with “….bass?” but if you asked Jasha to describe his music he’ll tell you that “Space Jesus is the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.” We couldn’t agree more.

Currently residing in Boulder, CO, Jasha Tull was born in New Jersey and raised on hip-hop. Like many, Jasha started making beats at a young age and created Space Jesus as a creative outlet to express his personal experiences through music. With a focus on alien basslines, gangster beats, and future feels, the Spaceman imprints his signature sound is a special gift to each genre he graces. After building a reputation with his dynamic live performances, he made head-turning appearances at Tomorrowworld, Shambhala, Mysteryland, and the list goes on. Space Jesus continues to forge an unfamiliar path in the auditory universe in search of lower frequencies that please.

Space Jesus is bringing his extraterrestrial language to PhoenixFlagstaff, and Tucson for Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour. Witness first hand as this alien whisper speaks to the unknown and conjure the most far-out vibes- grab your tickets here. This week he is our DJ to Watch, but come to the end February, he will the DJ you can’t stop talking about.

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