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RB Exclusive Interview: Petit Biscuit — The Sweetest Thing to Come Out of France Since Macaroons

Crepes, croissants, and macaroons, these are some of life’s sweetest delights for which we have France to thank for. As wonderful as they are, these Parisian treats pale in comparison to which that is Petit Biscuit and his music. 18-year old, Mehdi Benjelloun, has wowed and awestruck the world with his soulful and robust Presence (pun intended). Petit Biscuit made his AZ debut with us last weekend and just moments before he cleansed our souls with his ethereal sounds for the new year, I sat down with him to put my 4 years of French classes to the ultimate test and welcome this ‘Sunset’ Lover to the Sunset State.


Welcome to Arizona! We are so excited to have you on NYE.. eve! I bet you’re getting amped for the show. What do you have in store for us tonight?

Tonight I’m going to only play my music, 60 minutes of pure Petit. I’ve got my instruments with me, I always incorporate those in my shows. I always try to make my music as dynamic as possible. I go into my shows just being myself in the best mood while playing my music and having the best time. I just want everyone to have as much fun as I’m having. I love the atmosphere here, I’m excited to see what this show will be like.

Presence has been out for just over a month now and it’s really a beautiful collection of tracks. Obviously, this a popular opinion as your Twitter is flooded with awards and honors! How does it feel to have one of the “best albums of the year”?

I mean it’s cool, you never can expect to be given such a title or award. I’m just doing my music and keep it as true to I am as possible. I don’t go into it thinking of other people and how they will feel about it. I’m just doing what I like to do and it’s pretty crazy that people feel the same about it as I do. My work is as genuine as it can be. I love what I do, I keep it fresh and eclectic to make each song as unique as possible, I am so happy people like it.

Your music is inspiring, there’s really no other way to put it. I know that coming from mixed backgrounds [Moroccan father and French mother] has inspired you and I’m curious to know how this manifests in your music?

It’s really about the blend in the music. My blended background has inspired me to blend in my music. I pull from genres and sounds around the world to create something special and different. I’m really inspired by music from all over the world and I like using all of it. I make each song with the intent to have it be as rare as possible. My whole life is a blend and when I’m making music I am myself, that’s how I create what I create.

You’re consistently bilingual on all your sites and social media. Is incorporating French into your media a homage to your heritage/hometown or is it something else?

I do both because I got my big music break in the U.S. but I also always want to speak to my friends and fans in France. I studied in France to make music and I see how prevalent electronic music is here and I want the same for France. I love this country, but I always try and keep true to my roots.

Your rise to the top has been steadfast and star-studded. What you have accomplished by the age of 18 is unheard of. Looking back, what influences and experiences got you to where you are today?

My first gig in France solidified that this is what I wanted to do, I was pretty scared, but it was so great. It was a small crowd and the crowds since just get bigger and bigger. My first show in the U.S. was this year in April and actually, that was a huge step for me. I never thought my music would bring me all that it has My music influences and inspirations are more than just people and their music. I look up to people for how they run their careers. My fellow French producer, DJ Snake, makes great music but he is also a great businessman. In an album he will do really pop tracks with really electric ones, he attracts all kinds of fans. Porter Robinson has also been a huge musical inspiration.

It’s safe to say you’ve had a hell of a year, what are you looking forward to in 2018? Any NY resolutions?

*We got a wink and a nudge from his manager and a big smile from PB and that’s it…..which speaks volumes* We can’t confirm anything but a bunch of big things are to come in 2018 (peep the Coachella lineup!)

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