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Bijou and Dr. Fresch Collaborate on ‘Revelation’

Up-and-coming DJs and producers Bijou and Dr. Fresch have collaborated on a brand new track for us, and it’s impressive. “Revelation,” featuring Denzel Curry, blends G-House and electro beats, showcasing the very best of both artists, and Curry’s unique vocal features are a nice addition to the mix. These two genre-bending producers have collaborated before on the 2016 single, “Hello.” “Revelation” is yet another successful collaboration to get you on track for festival season. Check it out below.

Since launching his career, Dr. Fresch has craftily molded his signature “Future Ghetto” brand, weaving together elements of house, hip-hop, and trap to create an original sound. Bringing Bijou into the mix is brilliant, as his G-House style complements Dr. Fresch’s. The final product of this collaboration is a fresh House track that will leave you eager to start festival season off with a bang.

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