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Can I Have Your Autograf?

It turns out that an autograph is not just something you can get signed. There happens to be another Autograf, and this one is taking over the EDM scene.

Comprised of members Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing, Autograf serves up a fresh take on house music. Believe it or not, Autograf did not start off as an EDM trio. They started off as a group of literal artists! Meeting at an art gallery exhibition, each member of the triad had their own artistic skill and eventually, they started creating music together. The trio began remixing songs by a plethora of musical artists including The Griswolds, Christina Perri, Lorde, and more. As the three continued to work on music, their first single “Dream” was born. Utilizing a xylophone, smooth vocals, and a chill vibe, the song paved the way for their signature sound.

After creating “Dream,” Autograf later released “Running,” and “Metaphysical.” Different remixes of “Metaphysical” lead to Autograf being thrust into the spotlight. After releasing their first EP Future Soup in 2016, they were well on their way to carving their path into the house scene. In 2017, they released a gracious number of singles, “Episode – Dub Mix,” along with “Nobody Knows” feat. WYNNE. “Nobody Knows” has some impressive 3+ million streams on Spotify.

With the release of “Simple,” “Sleepless in NYC,” and “You Might Be” ft. Lils (another new original) remixed by GoldFish, and a new single “Hope For Tomorrow,” Autograf looks to make 2018 their year! Catch Autograf and “You Might Be” remixer GoldFish performing at Phoenix Lights 2018!

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