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Getter Releases Crazy Multi-Genre Hybrid ‘Colorblind’

Whether you know Getter for his signature dubstep sound, his online comedic personality, or his alter ego Terror Reid, it is abundantly clear that he possesses a diverse array of creative ability.  After gaining the support of dubstep pioneers like Datsik and Skrillex, signing his iconic single “Head Splitter” with OWSLA, and launching his own label Shred Collective in 2017, Getter has established himself as a DJ/producer who ignores the trends of dance music, and his first release of 2018 is no different.

Titled “Colorbrind,” Getter’s latest release features a blend of genres, impressively heart-felt lyrics, and impeccable production quality. The track begins with a very chill hip-hop section that brilliantly showcases Getter’s lyrical ability.  As the message of the lyrics intensify, the track builds up into what is one of the most unique trap drops the scene has heard in a while. With refreshing new sounds, hilarious samples from Crash Bandicoot, and occasional screams from Getter, this track offers so much for the listener to enjoy. The biggest treat is the first drop; while a new listener might anticipate the record to move back into a hip-hop beat, or return to another build up like most EDM tracks do, Getter does the opposite by evolving the track into metal. Paired with brilliant guitar melodies and chords, the emotion of the vocals in this section feel tangible as the vocal continues to expand on the previous lyrical sections.

“Colorblind” is not just another trap banger. This one has soul! It has personality and a deeper meaning throughout the entire work yet it has the drive and force to send a festival audience into a fervor; something that is rare in dance music. Currently on his Big Mouth tour, you can see Getter perform at Crush AZ this weekend.  Get your last minute tickets here.

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