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Lane 8’s ‘Little By Little’: The Tour That Never Happened

Lane 8 (Daniel Goldstein) started a phenomenon with the This Never Happened tour. This tour was unlike any in the music scene today. What happened? Well, it was more what did not happen. The “This Never Happened” tour was completely phone, camera, and filming free. Daniel is continuing this phenomenon with his Little By Little tour. Taken from the name of his latest album, this tour, too, will have no record of ever happening. Listen to the album below.

Think about it for a second: a concert with no phones, no filming, no distractions.. it begs the question, when did we forget to live in the moment of these shows? In an age of technology, does a tour like Lane 8’s hinder the memories that people cannot capture themselves? Stated on Lane 8’s website, “we live at a time when distractions from reality are never further away than our fingertips…” This statement had me thinking, and boy, how right it was.

I remember the first time I could record a concert. It was a boy band, back when I was in seventh grade. The photos were quick and low quality. As the years went on, I noticed that I was taking more photos and videos at a concert instead of actually enjoying being in the moment. At nearly every show I go to, EDM or not, a majority of the crowd holds their phone for a certain song, then there are those who put it up for every song or even the whole set. Regarding “living in the moment,” imagine you are outside at a huge festival. Your favorite artist drops your favorite song. The stars are visible above, the lights from the production filter through the remaining space around, and you just feel it. Now, imagine if you had that same moment, through a tiny, pixelated screen. Would it really be living in the moment? From my perspective, and seemingly Daniel’s, it is a definite no. After hearing about the Lane 8 tour concept, I recognized how necessary it was and instantly bought tickets. The concept of no phones/filming at a show seems so foreign nowadays, that the option to have it for one night is almost relieving. This type of show gives glimpses into the past of how shows used to be. Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and I think that more artists should follow Lane 8 in suit.

Overall, Lane 8 created a concept for a tour that brings people together for what truly matters, listening to the music, uninterrupted. Purchase tickets for the March 9th, Arizona show of Lane 8’s  “Little By Little” tour here!

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